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Welcome to the Sickness Management Tool by Hessington Health

Sickness Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMaRT)

SMaRT is an advanced cloud based system that manages organisational sickness records and produces essential reports in order to highlight trends within the organisation. This tool can be used to performance manage the work force as the reporting system will automatically generate the industry accepted Bradford Factor. Management guidelines are provided to support the organisation using this system. Additional benefits of this system allows you to document drug/health screening schedules, and the reporting of incidents to RIDDOR. Your data is secure, cloud based and backed up giving you peace of mind with instant access.

This application allows you to view reports live at anytime and you can restrict the reporting fields from the 19 parameters (full report) down to a single parameter.

Your organisation will also have the benefit of an occupational health trained doctor providing advice and guidance in areas that require action.

A video of the application will be available soon.

Please contact us for more information on creating a SMaRT account for your business.